Entertainment Kills Society

The Truth about Entertainment Entertainment today has become a booming business. Most everything in an everyday life will have something to do with entertainment. It is known to some as the media such through the form of television, news, movies, music, or the internet. These forms of entertainment have overtaken the lives of society as a whole that it seems all morality has been lost and sucked into this world of entertainment. But without entertainment, one can only wonder what sort of psychological state our society would be in and the effects it has on our state of being.

Studies have shown that most average Americans, whether it is children, teenagers, or adults, watch television as soon as they come home from their day’s activities. It may seem like a bad thing but television has been known to relieve stress from a hard day of work or school. Humans need a way to vent and be able to relax when they get too exhausted. Those everyday struggles create serious strain on the human body and the only way to rebuild is to relax. Music also helps with relieving stress.

Most people multi task as they listen to music whether it is while doing homework, doing the dishes or even jogging perhaps can help take ones mind off of what they are actually doing and make what ever they are doing seem a lot more enjoyable. It puts people into a comfort zone and can help them feel less vulnerable. Entertainment can also be a form of education. But not a boring way but a useful tool to help keep interest on a possibly boring subject. For example, watching a documentary on Napoleon Bonaparte would be much more entertaining learning experience than a dull class-long lecture from Mr.

Reyes. People who keep up to date on the news and worldwide events, they are educating themselves in the form of entertainment. Someone could be reading an article that includes pictures about the San Bernardino Wildfires while instant messaging their friend on Facebook in between. This is also a very common way of multitasking that does not take a lot of energy out of a person’s body. Not everyone has the same skills or abilities as everyone else. Every individual is talented in certain areas that can put others at a disadvantage to others.

But with technology this problem can be overcome very easily due to the availability of entertainment. For example, when Kyle, the all-star baseball player wants to spend time with his best friend Randy he finds out that Randy doesn’t know how to play baseball. Randy would like to play golf but Kyle can’t even hold a golf club straight. This crates a problem for both of them. So hey both decide to go to the movies so that they can still spend time together and they don’t even have to be skilled at it.

This form of entertainment has kept many people from boredom and still creates a happy medium for all who participate. As much as people like to put down entertainment and make claims that entertainment is immoral and corruptive, all humans are guilty of endorsing and fueling entertainment today. It has become so common in an everyday life that most people get so attached that they can’t live without it. Multitasking with television, internet, music, movies, and news cannot be forgotten and will withstand for generations to come.