Aerobic: Gautama Buddha and Aerobics

Mandy Chan ENG 093 Essay 4th of June, 2009 Title: Benefits of joining an aerobic class In the twenty-first century, people seem to be more concerned with their own body fitness, and everyone is talking about getting into shape, and also maintaining a healthy life style. Exercise has become a popular activity since the 70’s. Exercise comes in many forms. We can either perform it individually or with a group of people. However, aerobic (meaning ‘with oxygen’) exercise, has become one of the popular types of exercise for people who live in the modern city.

Joining an aerobic class may have many benefits, as it can benefit us physically, mentally and socially. To begin with, Aerobics is form of exercise that combines aerobics exercise with stretching and also strength training to improve our physical health. Physical health as we know it is important as it not only keeps our physical appearance in shape but also our health is taken care of. “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. said by Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B. C. Aerobics is just another way of keeping in shape if we choose not to go to the gym or play sports but do not look down at aerobics as you can really feel your muscles being worked hard as this is quite an effective exercise. As our muscles are being worked harder it will develop and our body will and it will not only give our body a nice shape to it but also keep it healthy.

Besides that, being a form of a sport, aerobics therefore can benefit us mentally as well. After a mind stressing few days of studying and cramping as much information into the head for an up coming exams, we will usually feel a bit up tight and stressed and we will usually take a nap between rest to try to keep us more focus later but it is proven that, using that time to do exercise and especially aerobics exercise can make us more mentally focus, awake and alert.

So instead of always taking a nap, we should get up and do some aerobics exercise. Furthermore, Aerobics classes are usually held in a large group of people and this will also benefit us socially. “The relationship is the communication bridge between people ”, written by Alfred Kadushin, in the book “Words of Wisdom”. Being a large group we are bound to make a lot of friends and maybe we are able t pick up a new interest or hobby as friends have quite a large influence on the things we enjoy doing.

For example, you befriended a person in your class that also takes classes for Spanish and you have always wanted to learn but could not find a place that teaches or could not find a friend to join with you and so this will really benefit you. In conclusion, we will definitely gain a lot from aerobics exercise. The reason being that, it will benefit us physically, mentally and also socially which is a really good thing as we not only get to stay fit but at the same time it keeps us sharp and we can meet new people to increase our network of friends. (542 words)